Thursday, April 19, 2012

Limits to Melodrama

For you melodramatic ones. I’m gonna try to get my point across using lyrics just so some of you can understand.

Every guy has a limit. No matter what the soap operas that you see on TV say, most guys cannot be “McDreamy” or “McSteamy”. We realistic guys have flaws. The perfect guy is either in TV shows, in books, or a figment of your imagination. Basically, the perfect guy that every melodramatic girl wants is fictional. So that means you ladies either lower your standards to realistic levels or you stay single and look for that guy that will never come no matter where you search for him.

To be blunt, he can’t always be there. Some of you can’t understand that! Unlike what you “sensitive” (see: “dramatic”) ones think, every guy has a life to live for his own as well. He cannot revolve his world around you. He also has parents and a family to love among other important things in life. What do you want him to say anyway? “You're the air that I breathe. Girl, you're all that I need. And I wanna thank you, lady. You're the words that I read. You're the light that I see. And your love is all that I need”? [Boyzone, “All That I Need”]

No. Just… no. That sounds well in fiction and love songs but in reality? Naaah. That guy would be irrational then. So what if you two aren’t compatible after all? Does that mean he’ll die of suffocation and become illiterate then?

What you want him to say is “Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life” [Hall and Oates, “Kiss on My List”]. See, you’re not THE best thing in his life but rather one of them, which is just as good, if not, even better. There are other things he has to care about such as family and friends, among other things. Now why can’t some understand that? The guy can’t have a normal life outside of you?
Next, he can’t be always be there to be your shoulder to cry on. He can’t always be there to talk to you. He can’t always be there to listen to you. He can’t always be the “smiley, happy, rainbows-and-unicorns-pooping-flowers” type. He can’t always be there to “cuddle” with you. And no, he’s not being “insensitive”.

If you need him always, and I mean always, you’re using him as an emotional crutch. You have to stand on your own two feet as well. “Oh he’s being insensitive towards my feelings all the time!” No, he does care but he can’t deal with you always. You want Prince Charming to come rescue you, not a real guy. That’s the problem.

And if that’s what you want, then the guy would most likely say “Wanna be your lover, not your fuckin’ [father]. Can't be your savior, I don't have the power. I'm not gonna stay and watch you circle the drain.” [Katy Perry, “Circle The Drain”] See, with those clingy demands about your heart and all that, you want a father, not a boyfriend. 

What some of you overly dramatic women want is for the guy to put you first and if he doesn’t, you’ll say “He’s being self-centered!” Really? REALLY? You want him to put YOU first than everything else? You want his life to revolve around you like you’re the sun? Umm, who’s being self-centered here? The guy who’s balancing his life or the girl who clings on and becomes possessive?

You want us guys to understand you yet you don’t want to understand us? That’s unfair. Now that’s insensitive. It can’t just be all about you, you, and you. Remember, the guy cannot keep on giving you love if the amount you want is beyond his limits. But for the overly dramatic ones that go around and basically demonize the guy for not giving in to your demands, keep doing that and you’re bound to be single for a long time.

I'm Ralph Corleone and that's my opinion.