Sunday, May 20, 2012


A principle of an old wrestling organization named ECW comes into mind when talking about this organization – it’s best to accentuate the positives and hide the negatives. What are the positives? This organization not only has the most impressive photographers but also the most interesting writers. These photographers and writers are able to show their work on a website designed by talented web designers and amazing digital artists. All of these people – the writers, the photographers, the digital artists, and the designers – are led by dedicated staff members. So, what we have here is a young organization slowly being developed into something a little more impressive every year with members who have various talents coming together to make it all possible.

The most interesting thing about being part of this small organization is actually witnessing its progress from being a small website run by a few random people to a credible news site that was actually cited by Wikipedia and Manila Bulletin as a citation source. This makes people say “Wow, if this organization is good now, imagine what it could be in a year or two” and would make them nearly uncomfortable to miss a second of the organization’s progress as a news website.