Friday, July 31, 2020

And I Just Can't Pour My Heart Out To Another Living Thing

Everyone has a song that breaks their heart, whether it's because a memory is assigned to it, the lyrics are soul crushing, or it's just a very sad melody. Mine just so happens to be "Out of Tears" by The Rolling Stones. It's a sad song about not being able to cry anymore after things have ended with someone, if you want to get literal about it.

The chorus is what gets to me the most as it summarizes how I want to feel about losing someone, but trying to be strong about it.
I won't cry when you say goodbye
I'm out of tears
And I won't die when you wave goodbye
I'm out of tears
Out of tears
Whenever something sad happens that involves a person I cared about, that's the song I play. It helps me let it all out. This song played when multiple occasions where I had to accept a harsh reality about someone I cared about.

When I found out that a girl I liked in 2018 was married.
When I realized I wouldn't be seeing this friend anymore because she got a new job.
When I had to cut off my best friend in Georgia for a multitude of reasons.
When I found out a friend of mine in Manitoba who I liked isn't coming back for another year.
When I had to end things with a girl I loved recently.

It's a tough song for tough moments but as the song says, "some you lose, some you win".