Monday, April 30, 2012

Ralphisms – CTHM girls

I always joke about being attracted to those girls majoring in tourism in UST. Why? Their uniforms are hot. That’s all.

…What? You thought there’d be more details to that? Oh alright.

I could remember seeing a group of those tourism girls during my first week in UST. My god, they were attractive. Again, must have been the uniform. But I could remember telling a friend of mine during first year that I would pursue one of them. Again, by the time that semester ended, I stopped caring about them aside from the occasional joking around. Okay, not really occasional but still.

The joke I do with my friends is during a conversation and they’re talking to me about some boring thing. They’re talking about something and I pretend to drift off and stare at some tourism girl passing by.

Friends: *talking about stuff*
(Tourism girl passes by)
Ralph: …I’m sorry, what?
Friends: RALPH!

The joke there is that I’m easily distracted by those girls. In reality, I’m not. I just love my friends’ reaction.

One time, for fiction class (one of my course’s major subjects), we were assigned to do a stalking exercise and write a story about it. We had to observe and write about a person we don’t know and at the same time, that said person shouldn’t know that we’re writing about them. Stalker level to the max! I remember sitting in Plaza Mayor in UST, looking at one of these girls. Of course she doesn't know me and I don't know her and I was aware of how creepy it was.

This next paragraph is actually for the finished paper that I had to do for fiction class. It was actually some of the most detailed stuff I've written so far.

She wore a navy blue vest with yellow green lining on the borders. The green coat of arms belonging to the faculty she was from was sewn on the left side of the vest. Beneath the vest was a white short-sleeved shirt finished off with a translucent yellow green scarf tied in a loop knot. Her skirt had the same shade as the vest, making it seem like one formal dress. The black stockings on her slender legs made the blue of her clothes seem brighter than it was. She was dangling one of her black high heeled shoes on her right foot – perhaps a sign of boredom but remotely impatience. She looked at her beige watch dangling on her left wrist and looked at her surroundings once more. The various students are distant from where she sat, making it seem like there was some sort of force field around this young woman

Hey, don’t judge me. I got a high grade for that paper. Plus, I’m a good writer. Apparently. 18/20 isn't bad.

When my friends read the whole stalking exercise, they legitimately thought that I was obsessed with those girls. I’m not! I just like exaggerating myself to that and plus, that exercise was somehow fun in a weird sort of way. Plus, there wasn’t anyone worth writing about in Plaza Mayor at the time and I was really in a rush. So, the first one I see who could easily be written about was a CTHM girl. So don’t judge me as creepy. I was cramming.

Do I think all of them are the most attractive girls in campus? Of course not. They do have a number of attractive ones there but in my opinion, Arts and Letters has a greater number of attractive girls, but hey, I’m just saying that because I’m in that building every day of the week. When I say that I’m extremely attracted to those CTHM girls and saying things like “I think I’m in love with her” or “That girl’s alone and single? CHALENGE ACCEPTED!” or “I’m gonna go to the CTHM building and get a girl’s number”, that’s the joke. It's not like I'm actually going to flirt with each and every one of them but that's the joke. I know a few of them but a lot of them know me (Valentine's Day '12 but let's not get into that again) so I joke about it. So no, I'm not really attracted to all of them. A few of them are my friends (acquaintances at least) but no, nothing more than that.