Monday, April 9, 2012

Ralphisms – “Is She Hot?”

One of my favorite things to joke about is this one – the “is she hot”. Basically, every time a friend mentions a girl, I ask “Is she hot?”

Ralph: Where’ve you been?
Friend: Oh I was meeting with a friend. She’s from legal management.
Ralph: Is she hot?
Friend: Dafuq.

Easy, right?

This is actually more suited for me rather than anyone else because it’s a running joke that I am a guy who hunts girls to love and beyond (which is an exaggeration of me). It works well because it’s like a different version of a joke done in “How I Met Your Mother” where Barney impulsively asks “Boobs?” whenever his friends mention a girl.

Instead of asking “Boobs?” (which would get me slapped more times than you can say “Sexual harassment!”), I just ask “Is she hot?”. I remember a friend of mine from sociology whose reaction was priceless when I asked that question. Basically, her face had “What the hell are you talking about, Ralph?” written on it.

When I ask the question “Is she hot?”, it gives lots of different negative thoughts from who I asked. They could think “Damn, is he desperate? How funny” or “Damn, he’s gonna pursue my friend”. Either of those is the reaction I’m going for.