Monday, April 9, 2012

Things People Have to Stop Doing on Twitter

Despite the 140-character limit for each tweet you post on Twitter, it doesn’t stop people from doing things that are beyond sanity and bordering being pitiful and annoying. One long 900-character post is better than twelve 140-character posts because at least you can skip that 900-character post.

Forced trending
When something is trending on Twitter, it means lots of Twitter users are talking about it for the time being. The awful thing about this is that some people (mostly hardcore fans) try to make a certain term trending. If you follow one of these fans, you have the hassle of seeing the same term in 60 more tweets because these are the pitiful ones who have no life and try desperately to add something to the current trending list and when they do, what have they achieved? Nothing.

Okay, so we all know that Twitter is more public than Facebook (although you can set your account to be private but what’s the fun in that?). With people always getting into conflicts or just getting annoyed, it’s natural for them to tweet insults directed at others. Why not just tell them directly and save people the trouble of reading them and asking? Of course it’ll seem entertaining to some who are tsismosa or actually know who those tweets are directed at but to the rest of us who aren’t part of the story and have no intention of being part of the story, please shut up.

The worst case scenario here is that one of your crushes would misunderstand and think that your tweet is directed at them. Hence, they’d eventually start hating you. (I know that feeling, bro.)

I have to admit that I actually do this occasionally but somehow, I make it entertaining and relatable in one way or another, even though I didn’t mean it to be.

Lying about followers
The biggest load of BS I see in my timeline is these quote accounts saying “Follow so-and-so. He can get you 100+ followers” or “WTF, I just gained 100 followers by following so-and-so”. This is bullshit because some people try to bandwagon. One of the people who tweeted that he got 100 followers actually has 28 followers. I know because I checked.

The fake celebrity accounts saying “I’ll personally follow you if you follow so-and-so. I’m checking” is another stupid thing people do, leading gullible and illiterate fans of said celebrity to follow that certain account. And it’s blatant here because, for example, the spelling is obviously wrong. Grammy Award winner Adele has a Twitter account “OfficialAdele” but these “parody accounts” (the only excuse they can use so they won’t get deleted) have similar spelling, replacing some I’s with L’s and all that. Literate people should tell the difference but apparently, being a hardcore fan deprives you from basic literacy.

Also, following them does not gain you anything other than spam. (Again, I know that feeling.)

Tweeting Too Much Information
Twitter is a micro-blogging site but somehow, people tend to abuse that by tweeting every action they do. Not just every action but every thought that pops into their mind and you can see, in just a matter of minutes, how people can go from angry to surprised to angry again to sleepy. As if they were freakin’ celebrities and their followers gave a damn about them. Next thing you know, someone will be tweeting “I’m breathing!” and “I’m exhaling” every few seconds.

Do we really need to know if you’re in the bathroom? Or if you’re having your period? Or if you’re having sexual dreams about your classmate?