Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Gullible Share Jesus

I know I'm not supposed to be posting rants here but goddamn it, I can't stand it anymore.

I hate seeing Jesus on my Facebook news feed. Not that I don't like him (I do) and not that I'm a bad Christian (I really am) but I just don't like these kinds of photos. These bloody photos of Jesus from the film Passion of the Christ are not a good sight for anyone in Facebook. What's worse is that there are conditions when you come across these photos.

"Share if you ACCEPT Him"?
"Share if He means EVERYTHING in our life <3"?
"IGNORE if it doesn't"?

Oh no, I ignored this photo. Jesus must not mean a thing to me! Oh no! Call the priests! I'm a bad man! Bullshit. Hell, even the grammar isn't that great. "Ignore if it doesn't"? Did you just refer to Jesus as "it"? Oh my, that's not very Christian of you.

It's one thing to be Christian but sharing a photo of a bloody Jesus or a photo of an ACTOR will not give you bonus points in your religion. Basically, you think you're sharing that photo and telling everyone that you love Jesus but in reality, you're just spreading some meaningless picture that was made in MS Paint and emotionally blackmailed you by tugging on the strings of your feeble beliefs into sharing it. Just because it says "Ignore if [he] doesn't [mean anything in your life]" does not mean that you shouldn't ignore it! It's not like it's a test or anything.

Another stupid version of this was the "Share if you love Jesus, ignore if you love Satan". An image of the devil from the cult movie Legion was shown as Satan. When I ignored it, I actually felt... nothing. NOTHING. BECAUSE IT'S BULLSHIT. When you share one of these photos that try to parade itself as a way of showing your love to Jesus, you're just proving to anyone that you're a weak, gullible idiot who'll share anything. So stop it. Show your love in private. Don't get anyone else ticked off because you shared 12 pictures of a bloody Jesus Christ "showing your love for him". That's not love you're showing if you share THAT many photos. That's just gullibility.

Share if you like this post. Ignore if you love Satan.

Just kidding.