Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I See - I'm Sorry Signs Are Stupid

This was one of the few things I saw in my final weeks in University of Santo Tomas as I was walking home.

This damn sign got stuck to the bottom of my shoe like toilet paper. And rightfully so because these signs are really just a sign of desperation. I know actions speak louder than words but really, it would solely depend if your actions aren't so sad and pitiful.

Yeah, dear god, people who do those stupid "I'm Sorry" signs are really--

Oh crap. I did do one of those signs in 2012. Shit.

Okay, okay, when people do get desperate, they tend to do things that are absurd to get what they want. In my case, to get a girl to forgive me. But hey, it didn't happen and I don't think it'll ever happen so yeah, those "I'm Sorry" signs are stupid and you should never do anything like that ever again.

My best friend said it best in one tweet than I could in several paragraphs.