Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things I See - Oh, Not That Damn Puppy Again

I was browsing all the photos I had on my phone when suddenly, I have this.

I have a photo that I took several months ago at a Toys R' Us.

Oh my god, this is just horrible.

For those wondering, yes, that is a pink puppy that I constantly make references to. I gave that to a girl in a way that would put me in "How I Met Your Mother" as a character.

This is basically the symbol of why I gambled with all that romantic BS I see in the movies.

It's also the start of my bitterness. Well, not really "start" but rather "intensify". This intensified everything I hate. I've grown to hate romantic movies. I've started hating that damn college that girl is from.

And hey look, that girl kept the puppy! Seriously, she sent me a picture of the same puppy.

I told her to burn it.