Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I See - Moose Droppings

In May 30, I was hanging out with my friend who visited me from Delaware. Her family treated me to a trip to the aquarium. As we were about to leave, we were browsing the gift shop there and then I saw this.

I really don't see how something like "moose droppings" can be appetizing to some people, let alone be a good name for chocolates. It clearly says "Belgian chocolate covered almonds" at the bottom but why call it something that came out of a moose's ass?

Clearly, that can't be taken out of context.

"Hey bro, do you have any moose droppings here? I got a hankering for them."

Of course, I didn't buy them. Why would I want to be walking around with a bag of moose droppings? Unless I'm setting it on fire and leaving it on someone's doorstep, I really don't plan on buying it anytime soon  just because of the name.

This is coming from someone who's from a country that eats different parts of chicken, including the blood and intestines. But droppings? No way, brother! There's a line we don't cross. And that line is shit.