Friday, February 5, 2016

Garbage Phones

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of phones that go from great to garbage. Great phones make me think "Oh god, I wish I had the money to buy that! I'm so jealous!". These are your typical flagship phone that goes from 300-700 dollars like the Samsung S6 Edge or the Nexus 6P. These are the phones I love to deal with because they're easy to use, they run smoothly, and they work perfectly with every network with little to no hiccups whatsoever.

Phones that are 5 years old, though, are what I consider garbage phones. It's not a classism thing where I discriminate people who can't afford good phones. It's just that these are the phones that aren't expected to work well anymore with networks that cater to phones that are 3-years old at most. They run slowly, they didn't age well, and they're pretty much useless nowadays unless you want a Samsung-branded paperweight. These are the kinds of phones that shouldn't really be repaired anymore because the cost of repairs would cost more than the actual phone.

There are always those horrible phones that sticks out because customers bring them to me and they expect it to work perfectly. Well, newsflash, buddy! It's not 2010 anymore when that phone would've been relevant. And when these phones don't work properly - which they won't, of course, because they're old - guess who the customers blame? The company! Bloody hell.

Let's talk about the garbage phones then.