Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Your Tumblr Says About You

Having a Tumblr account, in the Tumblr sense, is basically having a place to express yourself and somehow show other Tumblr users that you’re unique, that you could be different from the norms of society.

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

This thought of “uniqueness” is just a self-imposed veil of feign importance. Just because you have a blog to express yourself does not make you “unique” or “different from the mainstream”. Your Tumblr blog says a lot about you if you use it properly.

Nothing but reblogs of anything
“Look, I just reblog what I see. I’m easily amused and probably have nothing interesting to type!”

Reblogs of GIFs regarding your favorite shows
“I’m a total diehard fan and my life revolves around these scenes from my favorite show! HAHA LOL!”

Posting bad poetry
“I’m trying to be deep and using words as that tool. Watch me butcher metaphors and make these lines rhyme with little to no thought whatsoever!”

Posting good poetry
“I’m creative and I know it.”

Posting photos from your cellphone
“I’m a wannabe photographer who can’t even use a decent camera! I’m trying to be deep but I’m just misunderstood by society, or at least the society in my twisted head.”

Posting legitimately good photos
“I have a good camera and I’m actually using it correctly. I can actually take a good photo of something deep and meaningful, instead of using it to spam everyone with 200 shots of a latte from Starbucks.”

Posting meaningless whining
“I’m totally misunderstood! No one gets me! Watch as I bitch and moan about things with little to no value.”

Posting well-thought out blog posts
“I’m actually using my Tumblr blog correctly. I can post things that have annoyed me or have made me happy but regardless of that, I could still give my readers something entertaining or interesting to read.”

It’s a weird paradox. If someone posts something personal and well-thought out, people would say that the blog sucks and is boring. However, if someone has nothing but images taken from other blogs, people say that the blog is “awesome”. It doesn’t make sense. So basically, if Tumblr is for “expressing yourself” and people actually do express themselves, they’d get verbally abused (at the most) for not being funny enough.

It’s alright to reblog things but still, keep a theme. Simple theme. Like “my life”, “my interests” or “my school”. It’s doesn’t have to be specific like “The funniest things that could happen if you use quantum physics in real life”. If your theme is just “randomness”, get the fuck out of the internet because we don’t need you taking up space.