Sunday, December 18, 2011

Valentine’s Day Expectations

This coming February 14 is alternatively called “Single Awareness Day” because as the couples show their affections for each other, we single people are made aware of just how single and romantically unlucky we are.

Now being a hopeless romantic (wow, that word’s probably losing its meaning with how many times I’m using it), I’ve planned out Valentine’s Day since May of 2011. Seriously, I did but it was for another girl and that’s in the past.

Mediartrix, a wonderful theatre organization in UST, offers this awesome promo where they would serenade the person you like and would give them a rose as well. That romantic gesture costs only 100 Pesos at least. Although I’ve been told that other desperate people pay to have themselves serenaded and pretend that it’s from an anonymous admirer (Jesus H. Christ, even I wouldn’t stoop that low).

I’m going to pay the organization to serenade a girl I like. The song? “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry except it’ll be the cover version done by Boyce Avenue, which is actually sweet and better for a guy to use.

Perhaps one of the serenading people could knock on her classroom and asked her to come out. When she does, they sing the song and it’ll be totally romantic. I’ll then come out from the corner and say “‘Hopeless romantic meets beautiful girl’ would make a great short story, wouldn’t it? I know things are still a little awkward between us but I hope this clears it. Happy Valentine’s day.”

Okay, maybe it’s a little pretentious for me or a little too dramatic but hey, it’s just a first draft. And it’s just my expectations. Eventually, reality will come in and kick my ass for expecting too much or being too dramatic. Or maybe, instead of reality, that girl would kick my ass herself since she could actually beat the living hell out me in a fury of feminine rage and high heels.