Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ralphisms – “So, how’s the weather?”

Now, before we get to why the title is like that, I’ll address this. This is gonna be some sort of series just so people can understand my jokes and see what’s actually intended. This is something like an explanation of my jokes and how they can be considered as mean. And maybe even a playbook for you mean people out there looking for new mean things to do to others.

This is one of my favorite mean things to do. This is really simple but it involves at least three people in the conversation. Here’s how it goes. Three of you must be in a conversation and after your friend finishes his or her long sentence, take a moment of silence and ask your other friend “So, how’s the weather?” Here’s a demo.

Karina: (Finishes story about a band or something)
Ralph: …So, Jonah, how’s the weather?
Karina: MEAN!

Now how is that mean? Simple! By asking “Jonah” or the second friend in the conversation about the weather, it would imply that you didn’t give a damn about what “Karina” or the first friend said in the conversation, no matter how insightful it was. You would rather talk about something as dull as the weather, of all things.

Try it out and prepared to be punched in the arm.