Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve wanted to start 2012 with a clean conscience. I’ve apologized and made up with my high school friends who had conflicts with me. I’ve sent out a letter of gratitude to a friend of mine online who I haven’t spoken to for 2-3 years now. That one wasn’t an apology since I’ve stated that in the letter. It was a letter of gratitude, saying that despite the conflict that she and I had 2 years ago, without her as my friend, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my friends and my accomplishments. I even plan on personally apologizing to a friend of mine (or ex-friend of mine, since she’s blocked me on Facebook and hates my talkativeness) on January 3, the resumption of class.

New Year’s resolutions are overrated nowadays since they’re usually forgotten or broken after a week or so. So, attempting to join in on this clichéd practice, I’ve come up with a few resolutions. I’ve made empty promises before and these could be empty as well, depending on the situations.

First, I would focus on my friends more than I do with searching for a love life that’smost likely never going to arrive anyway. Back in 2011, I was focused on two girls that I had a huge crush on. For 2012, I want to focus on my friends and see if they’re worth having in the future. I’m grateful for the close friends that I have.

Second, I’ll use public transportation. I’ve already fired my driver just so I could do this. I’ll rely on jeeps and taxis from now on until I can actually get driving lessons. Public transportation is a little unsafe because with all the girls I’ve known and been mean to, I might get run over sooner or later.

Third, I would be a little nicer. This one is hard since being mean has been associated with me for the past year or more (Blame 10 years of watching Chandler Bing on Friends). However, I’ve noticed that I tend to be so bad that people get offended without even my realizing it. For Twitter, just so people I joke with would know that I’m still joking with them, I include #Mean with those tweets and when I’m being sincere, I add #NotMean. This is because people don’t believe me when I’m being nice anymore, as if the line between sarcasm and sincerity has been blurred and it’s all my fault.

And fourth, I would finish a short story that’s actually readable and original. Fan fiction doesn’t count despite my efforts to work on my old Final Fantasy VII story “Our Solemn Hour”. I want to write something that I could actually publish and be proud of. The problem is that it’s hard to be original and no matter what idea you have and think that’s original, someone out there has done it even better. So I what I tend to do when I write my stories is that I take ideas from several other movies, comics or TV shows and tweak them to the point that they might seem original. As legendary wrestling personality Jim Cornette says, “If you steal from one person, it’s plagiarism. If you steam from many, it’s research. “ I’m a horrible writer, I know.