Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growl A Bit More, Tiger Radio

When Tiger Radio is on the air and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

UST, my current college, actually has a studio in the library where they broadcast several programs for TV and radio. Of course I respect them for their efforts but I do have some several nuances (or “difference in opinion” in simpler terms). I want them to succeed but it’s like no one even watches their shows at all.

The problem is that they only broadcast around UST and on the internet. I know broadcasting on the internet is good but there's a problem: the audience that they're appealing to is having class during those times or basically not caring since they seem to have better things to do. So basically, it's like that earlier question: When Tiger Radio is on the air and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

I have other thoughts that might help them. Of course this is just a guy who watches too much pro wrestling so what do I know, right? I’m just thinking like an amateur wrestling booker here so hey, you guys don’t have to take my suggestions since I don’t know what the staff does or how hard does it take for new ideas to go through.

I like how the DJs are lively. The guests, however, not so much. I find it entertaining that the DJs are the lively ones while the guests sound like lifeless entities. The guests should be just as lively, if not livelier, than the DJs themselves. I want to listen to someone worth listening to and I want to be entertained (I’m just part of the latter – I’m entertaining but not worth listening to. HAHA). I don’t want to listen to someone who sounds more boring than the speech function on most PCs or shy as a little girl.

Also, I just wish they’d allow downloads or at least replays. Professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette has his podcast called “Who’s Slamming Who?” and it’s been downloaded for over one hundred thousand times already (Seriously). Not just because it’s very entertaining, but because people can catch up to whatever they’ve missed and enjoy the show. When someone says “Oh you wouldn’t believe what he said”, you could just go to the site and download it.

I wish they’d avoid being like the soap operas on TV where they don’t show replays and show episodes daily, so when you’ve missed an episode, you’re lost. The downloads don't even have to be on UST's servers. Megaupload or Mediafire works fine. This way, people can follow what you guys are doing by downloading previous episodes of the show.

So basically, just a few observations that I’ve had for months now (before apathy kicked in). To quote professional wrestling genius Paul Heyman, “You have to make the audience almost uncomfortable with the progression rate because you want them to be afraid to miss a single episode because otherwise, they might miss the spectacular growth of their favorite characters.”

I want those guys to succeed with their radio shows at a rate that people will feel guilty for missing out. Call me crazy.