Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ralphisms – The Playbook

It’s been witnessed by my friends that I possess a certain book written by Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother – a certain book entitled “The Playbook”. It’s a collection of what the character Barney Stinson used on women to trick them into having sex with him. It’s a hilarious book actually

Now, in reality, I just bought the book for a laugh but somehow, in my sick twisted sense of humor, I’ve made people believe that I will actually use this book to have sex (even though that’s not the intention of the book, if taken seriously).

However, there was one trick in that book that I wanted to use called “The Fall in Love”. Google it, it’s on Google Books actually. I was nearly done with the play but rather than end it with sex, I wanted to end it with a relationship (Call me desperate). The problem is that the girl I liked was taken. Plus, she didn’t understand the Playbook (probably because it’s in English. HAHA! Mean).

The funny thing was that I actually used one of the plays on Valentine’s Day of 2011. The “He’s Not Coming” although I just used it for fun. Lover’s Lane in UST is a great place to find lonely girls you could use the “He’s Not Coming” on (Just try not to have a girl cry on your shoulder like one girl did. She got tears on my jacket, damn it).

Anyway, I only keep this book here just to make the façade of my being awesome a little closer to Barney Stinson’s. This is the reason that people consider me polarizing – they either get my act or they really think that I’m serious (which makes them stupider, if you think about it).