Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yup, I'm Spending Money on Valentine's Day Again deuxième partie

It's not that I'm forced to do this or something but I've actually spent more money for this coming Valentine's Day. Last year, I spent 200 pesos. This year, I spent 800. Okay, I may be an idiot.

I paid 800 to have six girls serenaded by my friend's organization in one day. I hope that this turns out great. Last year was great except for the outcome of being really hurt but that's another constantly repeated story that I can never forget because for some reason, it hurt that much.

Okay, it's for friends. Surprisingly enough, I have friends. Just outside of class. And the funny thing is that I can admit to clinging on to the friends who I actually like because they're fun to be with. I'm just really dependent now.

I may be insane. Insane or just really, really desperate to keep the friends who I like the most. I don't know.