Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If I were to be a blog editor

My first choice for a position I wanted to have in this organization was the blog editor. Yes, I know an executive position is more than enough but it wasn't what I asked for but I don't want to get to that now. That's for a future post. Anyway, I had a few plans for the blog section of the TomasinoWeb website.

Simply put, I wanted a few bloggers to work with - five at the most. Since not everyone wants to type their emotions and thoughts in a word processor and would rather cover fun events, the blog section isn't really that sought out.

Let's say the organization accepted five bloggers and five trainees. I wanted to find out what those five bloggers main interests are whether it'd be video games, TV shows, comic books, professional wrestling, dramas, and anything they're interested in. I would've told them to write articles on how the campus is a comic book, a drama or a TV show because it's light reading, not a thesis. It should be mildly amusing. We could have reviews of video games or comic book series that the students might enjoy. Basically, I wanted them to pick something they know a lot about and make them write about it in various ways, including how to make the common UST student to relate to it.

As for the trainees, I wanted to copy the developmental system of WWE where wrestlers who aren't ready for the main roster can hone their skills. I want them to try and work on their blogging skills while giving them a few tips on how to improve. For that to happen, I wanted to try and have a different blog just for the blog section. A little odd but it would give these trainees to develop their writing skills and get feedback from people. I wanted to show that these trainees have skills that need to be a honed a little and they may not be TomasinoWeb website ready but I'll make sure they are.