Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ralph's Video Collection - Smear Campaign

Back in 2012, my classmates and I had to do a video/presentation reflecting one of Confucius sayings. So by default, I had to be the villain that went against it because why not?

The main premise of our presentation was that I was the big politician who was great and flashy and the other guy (Martin) would be the simple guy that had nothing to offer to the people. First we did a campaign video that consisted of me just comparing myself to people like JFK, George W. Bush, Bruce Wayne, and Tony Stark, among others.

Martin and I would go in a small debate but suddenly, a hacker somehow plays a smear video on the screen "exposing the truth" about me.

First, it showed surveillance footage of my "assistant" (a former friend of mine) leaving my room after she and I had a meeting "after hours", if you know what I mean.

Here's the "surveillance footage".

Now, a few things about this video.

Why isn't the surveillance camera on the ceiling? Why is it in body level? Who can see it? Apparently, not those two sex-heads.

That was just part of the whole smear campaign video that "someone" made.

The music I used here was from Persona 3 and personally, I think it went well with the fake seriousness the video's trying to deliver.

Okay, more nitpicks.

How could this be news when mainstream celebrities (and Korean group SUPER JUNIOR) have already known about it? Wasn't this reported to the news if those celebrities already know about it? I mean, those celebrities have tons of followers on Twitter who would share the news. Hell, it's been on The Glenn Beck Show on Fox News! How can people in the Philippines not know about this scandal if international news stations and celebrities were talking about it? Has the media really been turning a blind eye on this "scandal"?

Also, how was the video shown? If a hacker really hacked into the PC to show it, why was the computer online in the first place? If the computer that was showing the campaign videos wasn't connected to the internet in the first place, this whole thing could've been easily avoided. Maybe someone had a DVD or a VHS but who? Was it someone from the opposing side? Wasn't there someone guarding the DVD or the VHS player that was connected to the screen showing the audience?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed doing these videos. I enjoyed making the tweets and searching for clips to put together to make it coherent. The campaign video was good but making the smear video and "exposing the truth" was really fun. Editing them on Windows Movie Maker was really simple because they're all chopped up clips put together in the most basic fashion.