Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Like this and I'll answer" challenge - For Denise Ann V.

Oh thank goodness someone else liked that status update. I thought I was done for the evening.

• Name I call you: Denise and "moe girl". Okay, I haven't gotten around to calling you that last one but I'm planning on using it.
• How old you look: 16. And you act like you're a 13-year old fangirl. Haha!
• Rate 1-10: 9. In chibi form, 10.
• Are we close: Our social link rank is 6, according to my social links menu. D:
• Are you worth my time: Of course. You're few of the people in 1Lit that I actually like and worth spending time with. The rest can all go jump off a cliff.
• Would i talk to you: Yes, because that's what we do almost everyday unless we're being dubbed by awesome voice actors.
• Would i hug or kiss you: Hug, sure. Kiss? No, you have cooties! HAHA!
• Do i ♥ you: Only if you're chibi. Then I'd fawn over you.
• What are we: Social links. I need to max yours out but I don't know how. Maybe I'll get a cute shota doll for you or something.
• Do i like your profile picture: Yes. Unicorns~!
• Do i trust you: I trusted you and Camz with the sarcasm sign, does that count? HAHA!
• To be honest: I actually thought you were another boring literature student that seems quiet and all that regular introvert stuff. Turns out you're the exact opposite. Shows what I know about being a sociologist, right? HAHA!
• Have you ever made me laugh or smile: Yes. Lots of times. Especially when you're acting in chibi form.
• Have you ever made me mad: Nope. So far, no, so don't start now. HAHA! :P
• Should you put this as your status: Yes! DO EET!