Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Like this and I'll answer" challenge - For Nicole C.

Maybe I'm enjoying this too much. I just love babbling on about my friends. Call me crazy.
Like this and I'll answer:
• Name I call you: Nicole, "Anak", (former) "Favorite college daughter"
• How old you look: 17
• Rate 1-10: 10. See? I can compliment you~ :P
• Are we close: Yes. (College) Father-daughter relationship.
• Are you worth my time: Of course and always. :D
• Would i talk to you: Yes.
• Would i hug or kiss you: Hug, of course. Kiss? Eh. You have cooties. HAHAHA! Kidding.
• Do i ♥ you: Yes. ;)
• What are we: A college family.
• Do i like your profile picture: Yes, of course. I have to like it to be a good father. HAHA!
• Do i trust you: Of course. :)
• To be honest: Without this college father-daughter thing we have right now, I would not even be talking to you that much because we have nothing to talk about back then during first year.
• Have you ever made me laugh or smile: Yes. By laughing at "Love Hurts".
• Have you ever made me mad: A little. You made me cry in poetry class by making me listen to "Pakisabi Na Lang" by Aiza Seguerra. I hated you for a minute there. Haha!
• Should you put this as your status: Yes you should. Listen to your college father! :)