April 18, 2017

Re: Suicide Status Update

I love my friends and all but sometimes they just say some of the most inane stuff online. Not saying suicide is inane but a status update is ticking me off. I'll just rephrase it.

"So take some time to listen to people who might be reaching out to you when they're trying not to kill themselves and you don't even realize it. You could be the reason why they live."

Motherfucker, I've been trying to do that to you and all of our friends for the past 4 years I've been here but I've just been getting ignored because fuck me, right? Fuck the friend in Canada who you said you'd all miss. Fuck that guy who had the time and money to send one of our friends a gift from Canada all the way to wasteland Philippines JUST BECAUSE he wanted to make a friend happy and that same friend never bothered talking to him again. Fuck that guy who's trying to reconnect friendships with classmates from days gone by and didn't even get invited to hang out by a majority of these "friends who'll miss him" when said friend just so happened to visit. Fuck that guy, right?

I see the thought and I can appreciate that, but really, when someone comes to talk to you on the brink of easily killing themselves and you "don't realize it" because you're too busy to even chat with someone, maybe it's best to not tell others that you'll listen.

It's social media activism all over again. You can easily say "I'm always open to listen" but when someone talks, none of you listen. Because god knows, we need more deaf ears.

April 8, 2017


I miss the view, man. When everything was so much better.

I wish I was better at what I do back then.

March 16, 2017

“The End of The World” by Sean Wenham - Phantom Pain

I don’t know why I even review mobile games anymore when they just make me miserable in one way or another. Well, this is gonna be a depressing review, isn’t it? Maybe, maybe not.

The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game for mobile platforms. You play as a Benedict Cumberbatch-shaped fellow in going through a few days of misery and regret set in what is apparently an eradicated Newcastle, England. You explore around the city and interact with flickering objects that give you more detail on how the relationship with his girlfriend played out.

March 14, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes - Line In The Sand

With work consuming a ton more time and energy from yours truly, I've been in the mood for a quick game that's accessible with either of my cellphones. There have been strategy RPGs on Android but usually they are either way too boring or just really want your money with little to no gameplay or story at all. At least Fire Emblem Heroes is here to show us that not all mobile games are terrible. 

I have played other Fire Emblem games but they just weren’t cutting it for me and that's not the series’s fault at all, more of personal taste. I did enjoy Sacred Stones for the Gameboy Advance but didn’t bother finishing it when I reached the final boss. I didn't even finish Shadow Dragon even if it was more serious and streamlined than Sacred Stones. I even downloaded a fan translation of New Mystery of The Emblem for the Nintendo DS and surprisingly found it appealing due to the bare bones character customization and optional “no permanent death” option. I only played around six hours of it, however, before thinking “Bored now!” and headed over Call of Duty: Black Ops instead. I admit I’ve been spoiled by the tactical leniency of the Disgaea series so Fire Emblem has been something that just slightly intrigued me at best, not that there's anything wrong with it. I definitely see the appeal of it.

March 1, 2017

“NoStranger” by Black Vein Productions - Strangers In The Night

Remember that review I did of a mobile game called Seen? Yes, the game that's causing me to get too many views after all this time. Now I’m enjoying a lot more mobile games because they're easy to pick up and play, or at least they should be, right? Well, I’m back with another one about chatting with people online. This one is called NoStranger, available on Android and iOS, developed by Black Vein Productions. 

What’s that? Still think this is another run-of-the-mill mobile game that's terrible? Well, buckle up, Buddy Murphy, because we’re going on a wild ride through this mobile game. 

The story takes you to a private chat room app where you’re matched with Adam, an interesting nerd who likes to talk about how humans are programmed and how we’re all in a program. Surprisingly, no super powers here so sorry, Saints Row IV fans. You talk to Adam about life and how he’s living his. The writing is interesting as it tries to immerse you in the game in order to help a human being instead of an AI. You do get to pick certain replies which sometimes makes you sound like a sarcastic weirdo or a milquetoast nerd as well but hey, it’s a game and not a chat bot.