Monday, January 16, 2023

Being Done With School


Everything ends and it's always sad, but everything begins again, too. And that's always happy. Be happy.
- 12th Doctor

Part of me is sad that school is ending. I mean, it was only a 5-month course and it was so good to get A's again. It's been years since I've done well in school. This is just a step to a better career. I had great teachers that helped me out so much. I'm sad about my routine being over. Graduation goggles, as they call it.

I could do so much more. So much more. But this is what I get. My reward. Well, it's not fair!
- 10th Doctor

I had high hopes of making good connections with these people I called classmates. Despite my optimism for new social links, they have been disappointing, to say the least.

 I wish it could've gone differently with these people but at the same time, I dislike everything about them for how they treated me. I honestly can't stand them hindering class with their bullshit, if I'm being honest (and I always am).