Thursday, December 1, 2022

No Love Lost, No Love Found

Dear classmates and to whom it may concern,

I wanna say thank you for welcoming me with open arms... But you didn't.

Even in the first day, there was already exclusion. All I wanted was to get to know you more. Make a few friends here and there. Make solid connections for future work.

But as time went on, I saw that it was impossible. You showed your true colors but luckily I'm not color-blind. I wanna say I'm sorry... But I won't. And for what? I've even tried mending imaginary fences from no fault it my own. With that being said, I really wished things could've been better but I already saw how it was.

Thank you for adding to the stress of my mental health. Thank you for never acknowledging me whenever I tried to reach out. Thank you for basically never giving me the time of day. I don't appreciate being just another body to pass by but that's what you basically did.

I hope to never see the majority of you ever again. I don't wish you well because why should I? The majority of you never wished me well. And I don't wish you good luck. I wish you would all just disappear. I cannot stand the thought of you interacting with me again. I cannot stand your voices and I never want to see you in my line of sight again.