Friday, May 27, 2022


Well, I don’t think I went and did a full-on post about when I had Covid-19 in the second week of January so why not? It was a miserable experience so why not dramatize it? First off, I’d just like to say that I am fully vaccinated and even got a booster shot to boot. I joke about how it’s enabling 5G in me or how it’s the government “controlling” me. 

me when I got my 2nd vaccination shot

In the first week of January, we were understaffed in my old job because a coworker was out with Covid too. It was just me and a part-timer so that meant it was just me doing majority of the work. I didn't want to get anyone else from a different store to help me because that just meant I've got to help them on how I wanted things done. It was more of a hassle that way. So I basically worked for 8 days straight and did a bunch of overtime too so 10 hour days for 8 days in a row? When I'm used to 6 days at most? Not a good idea. I did enjoy working by myself though and being the only guy in charge. I had fun. It was nice to just do things on my own in my own OCD kind of way.
Then again, I did develop a habit of chewing nicotine gum throughout the week because I dislike smoking. I've had it once before and it gave me a good head rush. It felt really good to be stress free like that because it'll mellow me out 

On one night, I felt a big fever and I felt so hot. I was told before that a shower makes you feel less hot, which is natural if you think about it. I thought it was just me getting under the weather because I've been working too much. The temperature at the time was still around 2-5 degrees Celsius so I thought I was just under the weather.

"no, no, i can do this. i can work."

The next day was worse. A lot worse. I felt like a miserable pile of garbage. I remember having a very hard time breathing. I had nothing but gasps the whole morning on the way to work. There was also a fever again, which is worse because I can't take a shower at work to extinguish it. Worse, I had a cough too and I thought, "oh no, oh no, not now." Panicked/Impulsively, I bought cough syrup and a ton of Ricola lozenges to at least minimize the coughing. In that mindset, I knew I wouldn't last the whole day but I still wanted to try. I thought, worst case scenario, I leave earlier than expected and close down early. I still worked but I had the part-time associate do most of the work as I tried to basically hold that stack of dimes I call a body that day. 

Finally, after 4 hours, I couldn't stand it anymore. I called my district manager and I told her I wasn't feeling horrible. The funny part about this is that I had a one on one call with her and she felt so bad that I worked non-stop. I enjoyed working 8 days in a row and I basically jinxed myself by saying I haven't gotten Covid. Sure enough, I got it and it was miserable.

I took an Uber home because I didn't wanna commute with how I felt. I remember feeling like garbage on the way back. With something like Covid, I felt worried I'd have infected the next person who'll take the same car, and maybe the driver too. I felt so bad in more ways than one. A massive headache where I felt like I was hit in the head with a mallet was one thing but a fever to go with it is another?

I realized that things were so wrong when I had ordered pizzas because I haven't eaten all day, and I didn't wanna eat a bite out of it. I stayed in bed for 14 hours that day. I slept and woke up and slept and woke up like a horrible cycle until 2am. I'm grateful that I still got through it. I couldn't breathe well for 2 weeks but I'm glad I got vaccinated.

I remember wanting to get a beach as a hallucination. In season 17 of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith gets Covid-19 and hallucinates herself in a beach where she sees her late husband Derek Shepherd after so many years.

this should be me with covid

I wanted that to happen to me, to be honest. I wanted to see people I loved again. I wanted to see friends I've lost one more time just for some closure, just to tell them I wish things have gone differently. Maybe it's just me wanting to have a reason to see them again but I know it's impossible. It's just wishful thinking. 

I never got the beach on my end. I never even had the chance to tell my ex-friends that I've got the virus. It's fine. It's whatever. I missed a week of work because of this. It was fine because I admit I've overworked myself physically before getting sick. I had breathing problems for the next two weeks until I got better. I got my booster shot and I don't really regret getting the vaccine. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to get it.