Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I love my Christmas weekend~!

I recently got a three-day weekend from December 24 to 26. I've been celebrating it on my own because my family doesn't do Christmas anymore because reasons. See, instead of just being miserable and sleeping as usual, I took the time to make it worthwhile, at the cost of my wallet.

I did my Christmas shopping before the weekend so of course it's more geeky stuff for me to use.


I bought a cool speaker that's modeled after an NES controller from EB Games so that's something for my laptop really. Downside of that is it has 4 grills but only one side has the sound. It's still mighty loud but I thought it'd be 4 sides of sound. The best way to test speakers is by playing promos of The Ascension.

I also bought a kids replica of a WWE United States Championship belt. Why? Because I love wrestling, goddamn it. This is only my second belt ever. I gave my first belt which was a WWE Tag Team Title replica to a friend of mine back in 2013 as a sign of awesome friendship.

I stayed an extra hour at work because it got busy and my boss told me too. Not that I didn't like it since it's still money, right? Gotta pay for more title belts somehow.

After leaving work, I wanted to do some window shopping. I didn't wanna buy anything else though. I just wanted to look around for fun before my 3 day weekend of self-destruction fun. 

I visited the old mall I last worked at 4 months ago. It was okay but I didn't miss it. The more I go there, the more I realize why I grew to hate that mall. Yes, it's a good mall and I don't have anything against the retailers there. It's the customers who are just absolute garbage. Not all the customers though; just the drug addicts and the annoying dumbasses who wanna scream and yell because their undeserved welfare check makes them feel important.

But it was the Christmas season and I didn't wanna be grumpy. I love that mall so I looked around. The board game store was still full of people playing their tabletop games. Too bad my Yu Gi Oh hype died down several months ago since I could've lost to them easily. Bed Bath and Beyond had a ton of Christmas decorations and accessories like festive cookie cutters and anything designed like a candy cane.

Best Buy was busier than usual because why the hell wouldn't they be? If Best Buy weren't busy at all during Christmas season, there has to be something wrong. If Best Buy weren't busy at all, it's possible they marked up their prices 200% or that they're closed daily until the stench of New Year calms down.

Walking around during a busy mall 2 days before Christmas is exhausting since I didn't wanna want in long lines for discounted items that will definitely get even more discounted in 2017 (gotta get used to typing that year number).

I did stop by the liquor store and bought a small bottle of vodka. I remember getting drunk at my last few months in university back in the Philippines. Not my proudest moments but the depression was settling in. This time, the drinks were for happiness, not trying to mask sadness with blatant attempts to be slightly happy. I didn't drink it straight from the bottle though. My drinking skills are the only thing lightweight about me. I tried to drink it straight but it just killed my face like a hot towel. Basically, my 3-year streak of not drinking alcohol is broken. As Michael Cole would say after Brock Lesnar broke The Undertaker's Wrestlemania record, "The streak... is over."

Word of advice, 7-Up with a little bit of vodka is surprisingly nice. Sprite just doesn't cut it in terms of taste. Usually, Sprite is the better drink but with vodka, 7-Up is miles ahead. The sweetness is actually pretty great compared to Sprite's below average taste.

I didn't wanna get wasted at home because I'm not white trash. Plus, I didn't wanna do anything stupid while drunk like message people I hate and wish them a Merry Christmas. Ew.

Reused photo from my Instagram but really, it's the same thing I buy
Nando's is my happy place and I couldn't think of a better restaurant to eat at. Sure it's a dick move of me to use a 4-person booth alone but their 2-person booths were too small for me. I like being comfortable. I like "manspreading", whatever that means. Plus, I love the friendly atmosphere of the place even though I ignore all of it by watching a YouTube video on my phone.

Wendy's is awesome as well but I tend to go overboard every time I eat there. "Sure, I'll get a large order of fries AND a baked potato. Carbs? I think you mean 'Cars'! I love that movie!" Personally, Wendy's makes my stomach too heavy to handle afterwards but I never learn to order a medium because that just doesn't sound like me at all. At least it's not as big as Carl's Jr meals though. Two of those could feed an entire starving village.

I didn't really catch up with any games really. I mean, I tried playing a bit of SkyrimFinal Fantasy XV, and Metal Gear Solid V for extended amounts of time but only ended up playing an hour of each. It was really weird. I didn't feel like playing any of those games which I consider my top 3 games I played in 2016. However, I did play several hours of Samurai Warriors 4 which I forgot I had but apparently I bought it on December of last year.

I also got around to playing Pokemon: Soul Silver on the DS because I absolutely loved Pokemon Crystal Version for the Gameboy Advance when I was a kid. I finished Soul Silver two years ago with 61 hours clocked in as I played with my DS on the train going to college here. When the game's credits played, I listened to "Sleepwalking" by The Chaingang of 1974 since the Pokemon dancing in the credits were sometimes in sync with the music.

No, it's not a happy song at all if you listen to the lyrics carefully. Lyrics dissonance in play here.

But really, for some reason, this past Christmas weekend has been my happiest in a long while. It's been a blast celebrating on my own, to be honest. Belated Merry Christmas!

(Photo from 2012 but it sums it up accurately)