Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here Comes The Boom, Ready or Not

So, this happened. A UST bomb threat.

A bomb scare in University of Santo Tomas startled the whole university, even though college bomb threats have never been legitimate. It's probably just some asshole who had some unfinished projects and didn't want to go to school so he/she thought that scaring the entire university would be a cool thing to do.

Ooh, a bomb will go off at the CTHM building, the AB building, the Engineering building, and one other building. How frightening, even though no one ever warns their victims of random acts of terror. Play with the people's lives, like how the person who sent this played with grammar and the English language by butchering it.

It's like Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater planting C3 (not C4) and getting ready to blow up a laboratory but then after going through all that trouble, he warns people with "Hey, this is going to blow up, guys."

I can understand The Joker wanting his victims to know that they're going to die but he traps them first and makes them realize that there's no hope and then he sets off the bombs he planted because The Joker wants his victims to suffer first before killing them.

Had this been real (it's not and will never be), this "bomber" should've had some Metal Gear Solid-like espionage tactics to have planted several bombs within those buildings, not get noticed by anyone, and decided he wants to blow up several buildings in UST. But then, why the hell would you text anyone and warn them? "Hey, I'm gonna blow up these buildings. You might want to get away. Kbye."

If you think about it, if this were actually real then this "bomber" would have the capability of having a few bombs that would go off at a specific time but judging by the lack of resources in the Philippines, that's impossible. Unless this "bomber" had some connections with some very smart people, I doubt that they had connections with anyone regarding the making of bombs that would go off in a specific time.

And in the end, nothing happened. No explosion. Just people getting scared. And a bunch of CTHM girls crying their eyes out.

Recent bomb threats in colleges have done nothing but cause hysteria and panic because there are assholes who still live in this world. Isn't that what bomb threats are usually for? Causing hysteria? Again, why would someone go through great lengths to make a bomb that would go off at a specific time, go through the trouble of sneaking around a la Solid Snake, planting those bombs in said UST buildings, and then warning his victims about it so they can escape? Nobody warns anyone if they're going to do a horrible act of terrorism because then your victims would've gotten away unless all you want to do is property damage and "you don't want anyone to get hurt".

I can imagine someone sending a spy to find these bombs and freeze them like what happened in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Yes, I think freezing a bomb would be sufficient.

Better yet, I can imagine Sherlock Holmes defusing the bomb by guessing a password on a phone.

This is totally what happened. Sherlock flew to the Philippines because he knew about this and he saved UST.

It's not like I don't care about anyone's safety (I really don't but that's not the point). The smart and subdued thing to do was have a team of people with one or two bomb experts quietly investigating said buildings without causing panic among the students. The only thing that went wrong is that several people have broadcasted the text on Twitter, which led to it being spread like herpes in a nightclub bathroom.

Perhaps next time, the best way to deal with a bomb threat is to just tell the officials and have them deal with it instead of broadcasting it on social media, causing more panic among the students. Again, no villain in their right mind would tell their victims of the chaos they'll do.