Sunday, January 12, 2014

Video Game Thoughts - Grand Theft Auto V

Another reason why I'm not doing a lot of blog posts or videos. Grand Theft Auto V is something that I wasn't looking forward to since Grand Theft Auto IV was a horrible gritty game with horrible driving physics. Driving cars there is "realistic", if "realistic" meant that the cars would handle like the wheels were dipped in caramel and the road was coated in butter.

Surprisingly enough, the game was on sale on Boxing Week 2013 so it went to 40 dollars instead of 60. I traded in some games I knew I wouldn't play in a million years and I got that price down to 20. 20 dollars for GTA V is a hell of a deal.

I was not expecting to enjoy GTA V, especially the online aspect that came with the game. Look, here's my character, who's supposed to look like a cross between me and Steven Seagal.

I even play with my friend Raffy. Here's a picture of his character dressed like an elf.

Overall, I'm loving GTA V so far. Sure, I haven't finished it and some of the missions make me want to strangle the characters (Fuck you, Tonya!) but hey, it's the best GTA game I've played so far.