Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Online Window Shopping

Does it still could as window shopping if I just browse online shops?

I actually enjoy browsing shirts online for some reason. I don't know if it's the design or if it's because online shops based in the US actually have shirts that fit me (American XL is the Philippine XXXL) or maybe because I like the design of some shirts that I know I can't find anywhere in malls.

TNA wrestler Bobby Roode shows off a shirt that I really, really want.
For some reason, I want to buy lots and lots of different shirts online whether they're from wrestling, bands, or video games. I just want to wear one in public that stands out of what everyone is wearing. Right now, a lot of guys wear those fake Affliction shirts. If not, they're wearing fake TapOut shirts that are blatantly fake sometimes because one time I saw a guy with a shirt that says "TAPOOT". That's actually the Canadian accent being put into good use.

The biggest problem I have is the shipping cost. Usually these online shops involve credit cards and lo and behold, I don't have one yet and I don't have the money for one yet.

WWEShop.com's international shipping costs about 25 dollars from the US to the Philippines. That's seems really big if I just want to buy a shirt that costs 20 dollars, which means it'll be a 45-dollar shirt. Totally not worth it especially if it's a clearance sale item.

What's worse is ShopTNA.com's cost is actually nearly 40 dollars. 40 dollars?! Dear god, that's like two shirts. Hell, that's 8 shirts if ShopTNA.com is having a big clearance sale where certain shirts cost 5 dollars each. That's not even including the shirt I want to buy. So it'll be a 60 dollar shirt if I decide to buy a non-clearance shirt and there aren't even coupons online to remove or at least cut the shipping cost. So for ShopTNA, unless I'm already in Canada, I'd be better off looking at their awesome shirts.

Sometimes I even go to my favorite bands' websites and see the shirts they sell. I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna be a shirt collection sometime if I had the money. I would love to someday where a Tegan and Sara shirt to class and get puzzled looks from others.

Owning a shirt that not everyone can buy easily is something I like because I'm smug like that. I like uniqueness in shirts so if I have a US-exclusive shirt here in the Philippines, I'd like it even more since I'm one of the few who have had access to get that shirt.

Maybe the concept of "wanting is better than having" is finally catching up on me.  Or maybe it's selfishness and ego.