Monday, February 13, 2017

Tsawwassen Mills

I still have a headache tonight so why not just shit in more places I'll never work.

Tsawwassen Mills is a terrible idea that came to life. It's unnecessary, despite how huge of a mall it is. Sure, it's probably giving a lot of jobs to people but on the Mills website, there's a ton of job openings there which I assume is from people quitting from how far the damn place is. It's 29 kilometeres from the fucking train station and from civilization at that. It's located at a place where there aren't any frequent buses riding along for passengers. It's gotten to the point where they have to provide shuttles because goddamn it, they didn't think of public transportation. But the shuttles aren't free for employees since it costs another 40 bucks a month off your paycheck just to get to a damn mall that isn't that interesting or successful to begin with.

What makes Guildford Town Centre and Metropolis at Metrotown super successful? They have smart marketing where they place ads on public transport and they're easily accessible by, you guessed it, public transport. They're a breeze to go to as long as you know where you're going. The 96-B Line fucking stops at Guildford Mall, goddamn it, so that's a huge bonus is foot traffic.

Mills - I'm so fucking sick of how stupid Tsawwassen is spelled - is located in a no man's land near a ferry. On their first three days of opening, they were already on the news on how shitty their parking is and how some dudes apparently took 2 hours to leave the parking area because of how unorganized it is.

Mills is like having an expensive airport in the middle of the desert.

Door to Door Jobs

Since I'm already on a tirade mood right now and ticking off employers who I'll never work for, let's piss in more coffee cups.

Door to door jobs are garbage and terrible. I'm not saying you disrespectfully slam the door in front of their faces. These people knocking are human after all. I'm saying that if they aren't paid hourly for their effort of ruining people's days in the privacy of their own home, then it's garbage. I don't care how much you sell through desperation bundles and dishonesty because if they really wanted your services, they'd actively look for it by either going to a store or going online themselves. You can do better than that, salesman.

There will be those people who think it's a good idea and those people are head honchos using desperate people looking for experience to work their asses off for pennies on the dollar. No matter how much they sugarcoat it, you're being paid to sell shit to people that can easily get the same shit online or through actual stores.Get a better job that actually treats you like a human instead of a nuisance.