Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Re: Suicide Status Update

I love my friends and all but sometimes they just say some of the most inane stuff online. Not saying suicide is inane but a status update is ticking me off. I'll just rephrase it.

"So take some time to listen to people who might be reaching out to you when they're trying not to kill themselves and you don't even realize it. You could be the reason why they live."

Motherfucker, I've been trying to do that to you and all of our friends for the past 4 years I've been here but I've just been getting ignored because fuck me, right? Fuck the friend in Canada who you said you'd all miss. Fuck that guy who had the time and money to send one of our friends a gift from Canada all the way to wasteland Philippines JUST BECAUSE he wanted to make a friend happy and that same friend never bothered talking to him again. Fuck that guy who's trying to reconnect friendships with classmates from days gone by and didn't even get invited to hang out by a majority of these "friends who'll miss him" when said friend just so happened to visit. Fuck that guy, right?

I see the thought and I can appreciate that, but really, when someone comes to talk to you on the brink of easily killing themselves and you "don't realize it" because you're too busy to even chat with someone, maybe it's best to not tell others that you'll listen.

It's social media activism all over again. You can easily say "I'm always open to listen" but when someone talks, none of you listen. Because god knows, we need more deaf ears.