Sunday, February 12, 2017

EB Games

So far, I've done stuff that I wanted to do for years now. I worked at Guildford Mall once and that's something I've wanted to do since arriving in Canada. It's part of a bucket list of mine, if you can say so.

One job that I've kept applying for constantly whenever there's an opening is an EB Games sales associate. It's selling video games and I absolutely love video games. Even if I've been in retail since 2015, it's still a fun job to do if you absolutely love what you're selling. Working for EB Games has always been a dream of mine since I came to Canada and slowly, that dream is dying, if I can put it in a melodramatic way.

I hate that there's just one email address to send all emails to. It's okay if it were one email for one location but in EB's case, it's for all of Canada. Now I could be wrong but it doesn't even say on the website if it's just for BC or Vancouver or Toronto. It just says "Hey, email us at this address" assuming they read through ten thousand emails a day from people all around the country applying for different jobs at different locations, assuming that they have a flunky who dig through fifteen thousand emails - because five thousand more were just sent in as you read this. So if that's the case, and I'm sure it's not but whatever, it's my blog and they're probably never going to hire me anyway, only former employees or friends of the manager would get noticed for the job. Perfectly fine then! Hopefully the digital age kills more of your overpriced accessories.

And it's funny that they say "We're always taking resumes", as if any of those ever get called and assuming those idiots like me who really wanna work there actually get considered for anything there. Finish the sentence then. "We're always taking resumes for you to throw out to the garbage".

But hey, whatever, I'm slowly not caring about that store or even video games in general. I still cared enough to write about it but maybe it's just time to fucking let that hope die already.