Friday, July 17, 2015

Get Help, Not Attention

I used an app for depressed people called "TalkLife" before leaving it because it was just so stupid and pointless. Let me tell you what TalkLife is like - basically, 70 people at a time bitching and moaning about how they want to kill themselves when in reality, they'd just be fine after a good night's sleep and 30 people actually needing legitimate help. They're attention seekers and there's nothing more I hate than an attention seeker. I would blow their face off with a shotgun if I could. I would hire a hitman to deal with them in one way or another. Anyway, typical murderous rage aside, TalkLife is a toxic environment if you want to keep your sanity.

Sure, its main purpose is to be a "safe place" for people to get help. News flash though, "safe places" are private. TalkLife is a freakin' app on iOS and Android phones! A "safe place" is a journal where you write all your frustrations and thoughts in. It is not online. There is nothing safe online especially when your "safe place" can be downloaded from the fucking Google Play store.

Then I realized they don't want help; they want attention. They want people telling them it'll be okay. They want people telling them that they're not alone.

It's full of insecure little shit stains craving attention! Every minute there's someone who claims they're killing themselves and constantly have to be talked out of it. Once is enough. Three times, maybe that's the limit. But constantly? Fuck you, get a life.

Lemme give you the majority of what to expect with TalkLife. It's not a pretty sight at all.

"Ehhhhh, no one notices me!" - Then do something productive with your time and effort instead of trying to get the attention of random strangers online, you insecure little shit.

"Ehhh, I'm gonna kill myself even though I've been saying that for 44 times this week!" - Grow some fucking balls. Put up or shut up.

"Ehhhh, everyone has cliques here!" - Make some friends then, you weird idiot.

"Ehhhh, I never do anything right" - Why don't you fix your life first before bitching and moaning about it online? Oh wait, that's not an option? Go do something right!

"Ehhhh, I'm done. Goodbye" - Bye, bitch. No one will miss you because you're a whiny little idiot.

"Ehhhhh, I'm triggered by anything" - Get off the internet! It's easier for EVERYONE because we don't have to deal with your shit.

"kik? girls only" - Go fuck your dog in the shower, you perverted idiot. It's fucking pathetic how many perverts play the victim and just want nudes on Kik. Those are the people who I wish would die a slow and painful death involving hot needles.

See? Look at that! I saved you the trouble of downloading a pathetic whiny app and I gave you the full experience! Thank god for me!

Leaving it and getting away from the negative people brought a LOT of great vibes. It's like burping after a huge meal in Wendy's. It's like a huge weight off my chest and I'm not talking about my man boobs.

Bitching and moaning to people about how they "don't care" or "wouldn't let you die" will not do anything. It's like trying to break a brick wall with words. You're just wasting your effort and the brick wall doesn't give a fuck about your problems anymore.